Two Hearts..

One evening I decided to sew together these two little hearts. I have never made these before but as I usually do, I started this project on a whim. I decide to do things at the last minute most of the time. I find this works better for me. I plan so many things in […]

Quilt Squares!!!!

This is the beginning of my fall project. I have put together most of the squares. I am a beginner quilter and I am having the best time with this. I sewed quilts (about 3) 25 years ago and I have picked back up the material and decided to do it again. The few quilts […]

Summer is over…

My summer consisted of  cramming  classes, clinicals, and canning into 12 weeks. I truly wanted to craft and spend time putting a quilt in. I had such a wonderful, prosperous garden, I spent most of my free time canning. Although we will enjoy the goodies this winter I am s disappointed that I have started my […]